Padres making wrong moves at right time

It’s pretty incredible what eleven games can do. Eleven games, the span of a week and three days. Just eleven nine inning affairs can change the course of the season. The San Francisco Giants, in the regular season finished with 88 wins. The Padres finished with 77.  The Giants went on to win the World Series. The Padres watched October from home.

But this Padres team is a team on the cusp, with lights out pitching and promising talent in the minors. However, they got rid of it all just for a couple star players with unpromising futures.

The Padres have made deals for Wil Myers, Matt Kemp and Justin Upton. However, by doing that, they have shed more than a few top prospects in exchange. These prospects may be ready to make a real impact in San Diego by late 2015. So I beg the question: Why trade away your future for one year of chances?

Matt Kemp reportedly has arthritis in his hips. Wil Myers, after his breakout year with the Rays in 2013, experienced a major sophomore slump. Justin Upton will be a free agent next winter. These prospects could’ve brought them years of success, but they have decided to get rid of quite a few.

Don’t forget that the teams that are brought together on star-power never seem to work. Look at 2011’s Boston Red Sox, 2012’s Miami Marlins and 2013’s Toronto Blue Jays. This is an era of prospects if you want your team to be successful, not big-ticket free agents.

These moves don’t make the Padres look like long-term contenders – they just make them look like a team desperate to be in the mix that have no real long-term future, and will forever be stuck in rebuilding.


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