According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Red Sox and Pablo Sandoval are almost finished finalizing a deal worth ninety five million dollars for five years.

Sandoval, who was considered the gem of this year’s free agent market by many, was a key aspect of last year’s World Series champion San Francisco Giants. He posted a .279/.324/.415 (111 OPS+) line with 16 home runs and has a career .294 BA.

Offers had also come in from San Francisco and San Diego, which were reportedly worth more, but he chose to play in Boston. This addition creates a small problem for Boston as they already have Will Middlebrooks at third base. However, its very possible that he will be traded to a team in need of bench depth or a third baseman.

Sandoval is leaving San Francisco after playing the entirety of his career with the Giants.

The Giants released a statement saying that “Sandoval has been a key member of the Giants” and that “His connection with Giants fans, young and old, will be greatly missed.”

-Will K.
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